General is a website dedicated to the Steam Trading Card system.

It features a Showcase with all Trading Cards and the biggest collection of Emoticons, Backgrounds and Artworks.
Beside that it offers several Tools such as a Trading Bot to trade your Cards, a Badgeprice calculator, a Background Viewer, a Boosterpack pricelist and many more.

This is a project from a bunch of students in their spare free time. We strive to deliver the best experience as possible but ultimately this is a learning-by-doing project. We started to work on this project shortly after steam released their Trading Card system. Most features on our website are the result of us actively looking for them without anyone providing them so we try our best to meet our own expectations - which are quite high unfortunately.
The official steam group is called CardTrades.

Join our group by following this link and clicking Join Group: CardTrades -- []
There are several options to support this project:

  • Help us to fill our database

  • While we have filled our database with tons of content already we still miss a piece here and there, especially from the recently released games.
    Submit anything we are missing in our steam groups forum thread: Submit Content -- []

    To see what we are missing check our list of missing content: List of missing Content -- []

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  • We try to keep the Ads down to a minimum but unfortunately we are financially relying on the Ads on the bottom end of our website.
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  • Make a donation

  • If you want to make a bigger contribution there is also an option to donate to our project.
    You can either donate stored credits or money via PayPal or Flattr to help us e.g. with the server costs, the card stock or less missing content.
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Steam Trading Cards are virtual trading cards. They can be earned by playing games on Steam, participating at events on steam, opening Booster Packs or spending a certain amount of money in specific games. Sets of cards can be turned into game badges and tradable Steam community items. Crafting badges also grants experience points to level up your steam profile and unlock new features.

For a detailed introduction into Steam Trading Cards see the official guide: Steam Trading Cards -- []
We use credits as a currency for our Trading Bot. They are meant to display the real monetary value of a Trading Card.
To calculate the credit value we use a complex formula with tons of math and market data. It includes several variables such as the current market price, the latest sales, Gem value and average prices of the other cards from that specific set.

Usually the Gem value should be reflected in the market price as lots of people compare the gems-per-cent ratio of Sack of Gems with the gems-per-cent ratio of Trading Cards/Backgrounds/Emotes. If an item is undervalued and offers a better gems-per-cent ratio than a Sack of Gems people will buy it to make a profit.
Also Gems can be used to craft Booster packs, which equals 3 cards. If it's profitable to buy Gems, craft Boosters and sell the cards someone will do it, which artificially increases the price even further.
We detect if a card is overpriced on the market and adjust the credit value accordingly.

TL;DR: Credit value might differ from the market value due to adjustments to the correct gem-per-cent ratio.
You can earn credits by trading in your Steam Trading Cards.

Any other tradeable content such as Emoticons, Background, Booster Packs, Coupons, or even Games will be refused by our Bot and won't get you any credits.
Your stored credits can be used by trading with our Bot.
It will automatically use your stored credits if you don't trade in any cards or if the credit value of your cards is too low for the cards you're trading out.

This means that you don't have to trade in any cards if you have enough stored credits for the cards your want to get. The Bot accepts trades where you only pay with stored credits!
To check a cards credit value simply head over to our Inventory: Inventory -- []

The list contains every single game and the second row "Worth" shows the current credit value.
The difference between the credit value and the price of a card is the result of our Last Card Fee.

If you want to take out a card that is only stocked one time currently you have to pay 1.5x the credit value of that specific card.
Trading Bot
For more information regarding our Bot and how to trade with it please read our Guide. It contains a detailed and illustrated step-by-step explanation.

You can find it here: Guide -- []
Our Trading Bot accepts the following items:

  • Trading Cards

Our Trading Bot does not accept the following items:

  • FOIL Cards

  • Non-Marketable Trading Cards

  • Emoticons

  • Backgrounds

  • Booster Packs

  • Coupons

  • Games / Game Codes

  • Gems

  • TF2 Metal

  • Any CS:GO, Dota2 or TF2 Items

  • Any CS:GO, Dota2 or TF2 Keys

  • Any other Items

  • Anything else

The website to shows the current state of the inventory. If there is something missing from the inventory but still shows on the website, it was traded away only a few seconds ago.
The bot doesn't accept non-marketable trading cards. If the bot has one in his inventory you can still trade it out.
The +X shows that there are X cards in pending escrow trades. When the escrow delay ends and the trade is successfully accepted, the card gets automatically available.
New games (or to be more specific, when a game gets cards, the game can be old, just the cards are new) will be disabled for a short period of time. This is to prevent a high fluctuation of the card price, that's based on the Steam Market.

The trading with the bot will be enabled 14 days after release of cards, or when the price is stable for at least 4 days.
When you are not using the Steam Mobile Authenticator to confirm your trades they will be on hold for a few days. You can't trade in and out at the same time if you are affected by this. You have to store credits first. After the trade hold is over the credits will be added to your account balance and you will be able to trade them for cards.

The bot will add the amount of credits from the day you made the offer, regardless of what the card(s) are worth after the trade hold. Your profile will show the trade that is held, with the amount you will get when the card(s) arrive.

To learn more about this head over to the official Steam FAQ:
Steam Trade Holds
The bot only accepts a maximum of 2 escrow cards for each card of a set.
You can store up to 100 Credits on the bot. This maximum also applies to pending credits from trades with trade hold.
Group Chat
Please follow these simple rules in our chat:

  • 1) No capslock. English only.

  • 2) Do not drag and drop your items.

  • 3) Do not beg/ask for free stuff.

  • 4) Do not spam messages, emoticons or commands.

  • 5) Use short offers with max. 3 lines. Wait at least 5 minutes before resending your offer.

  • 6) No advertisement. Do not post your giveaway, stream, website, group or anything else.

We reserve the right to change these rules at anytime without prior notice.