Minor updates and a rundown on our Website and Tools

11.12.2014 - 01:50
Hey Guys!

In preparation for the most likely upcoming winter sale we've made some minor updates on our website to improve the usability.

Website Updates

  • Inventory: We've modified the Set Availability column. It displays how many full sets are available per game and how many different cards are currently available in the Bot.
    We hope this helps with collecting tons of badges!

  • Badge Pricelist: After you've synced your account it will display your personal badge statistics on top of the pricelist. It features the total amount of badges per Level and their current total value.
    It's great to compare with friends or to see what has accumulated over time.

Our group is constantly growing and we're always developing new tools and features for our website and our Bot, so we decided it's time for a quick rundown to inform our new Users.

Rundown of our Main Features


  • User Profile: Once you're logged in you can access your profile. Use it to enable or disable the purchase of last cards or just check your stored credits. You can also see why a trade was declined by hovering your mouse into the status field and a little notification will pop up.
    Link to your Profile: SteamCardExchange.net - Profile

  • Showcase: Our showcase features every game with trading card related content. It shows all the emoticons and backgrounds you can get from a specific game and the different badges, trading cards and Artworks as well as some general information such as the developer or the genre. You can actually click those and browse through the other games by the same developer for example.
    Link to the Showcase: SteamCardExchange.net - Showcase


  • Badge Pricelist: The Badge Pricelist is a list of all games with steam trading cards. It shows how many cards a set contains and the current price for a full set of cards. Click on Price to see what badges are the cheapest currently. Sync your account to see your personalized stats and include your current badges into the list.
    Link to Badge Pricelist: SteamCardExchange.net - Badge Pricelist

  • Booster Pricelist: The booster pricelist shows the efficiency of a booster pack by comparing the price of 3 individual cards to the price of a booster pack. To simplify we assume that you won't get a Foil card out of the booster so in case it's equal it still might be worth to go for the booster pack. Sort by efficiency to see which booster packs are worth investing into!
    Link to Booster Pricelist: SteamCardExchange.net - Booster Pricelist

  • Backgroundviewer: Have you ever wondered what a specific background would look like on your profile? Log in and find out! You can either browse backgrounds by game or hit the Random Background button and discover them one by one. Once you found the perfect background just copy the URL and send it to your friends so they can see that background on their own profile!
    Link to Backgroundviewer: SteamCardExchange.net - Backgroundviewer

Trading Bot

  • Inventory: The website inventory is a convenient way to check our Trading Bot's inventory. It's a list with all available games and their current credit value, the amount of cards in stock and the set availability. If you click on a game it will redirect you to a game specific page with detailed information.
    Link to Inventory: SteamCardExchange.net - Inventory

  • Guide: In case you have trouble trading with our Bot or don't know how to get started I highly recommend reading our Guide. You can either read the short trade explanation or scroll through the detailed trade explanation with step-by-step images.
    Link to Guide: SteamCardExchange.net - Guide

At this point we would like to thank our recent donators for their help with our project. We've used the recent money donations to fill in missing Artworks and stack up the Bot. Over 3.500 credits have been donated to the Bot so far, which is incredible! Those donations help us a lot to offer you as many cards as possible.

With the constant stream of new games getting added to the Steam Trading Card System we're always looking for help to fill our database. We're especially looking for Badges and Artworks!
If you find or have something we are missing, please leave a comment here: Submit Content.

Good luck preparing for the winter sale,
CardTrades - SteamCardExchange.net