Steam Holiday Event 2017 Cards are now available!

14.12.2017 - 18:49
Mysterious Trading Cards are here! This time for the Steam Holiday Event 2017!

Mysterious Tradingcards

The sale has not started yet, this time the sale starts on December 21, 2017.
The set contains 12 cards with Steam Award theme.
Mysterious Trading Cards: Steam Holiday Event 2017

Currently the only way to get a mysterious Tradingcard is by crafting a badge. Instead of the regular coupon you'll get a Mysterious Tradingcard with a chance of it being a Foil one.
If you use cards to craft a badge that are restricted from being traded or sold (e.g. because you bought them recently) it will apply the restriction to the Mysterious Tradingcards with the same timeframe as well.

General Advice for Trading during a Sale

Just a quick reminder: During the sale our Bot gets flooded with Trade Offers. We are already up to 500 Trade Offers per hour and the amount is increasing constantly. Please be patient if it takes a little longer than usual for our Bot to respond to your offer.

List of tips for trading with our Bot during the Sale:

  • Store a few credits to be safe in case of minor value changes

  • Small Trades; Only take out a card at a time. More trades result in more cards getting taken out and the Bot declining offers because one card is not in its inventory anymore

  • Use your browser for trading. During the Sale it seems to work better than the client

Summary of useful Links for Beginners

In case you're new to this group and in general and you are still a bit confused about what we offer and how everything works here are a couple of links to help you:

We're hoping everyone is as excited as we are for the upcoming winter event, let's see who's reaching the highest level this time! The Bot's inventory is stocked decently - Thanks to everyone who helps us to maintain the stock by donating their leftover credits or some spare money! We truly appreciate it!

Good luck preparing for the winter event,
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