Late Weekly game report (08.04.2018) + Bot Update

13.04.2018 - 23:17
Hey everyone,
this is our late weekly report of new games that added Steam Trading Cards.

New Games

Bot Update

In the last few days we put the bot offline because we got some issues with keeping up with the sheer amount of games that have and get cards. Due to this we couldn't adjust prices and had some backlog in adding new games to our database.

We now made an update to our backend to better handle this situation. The bot is now running again.

With the constant stream of new games getting added to the Steam Trading Card System we're always looking for help to fill our database.
We're especially looking for Badges and Artworks!
If you find or have something we are missing, please leave a comment here: Submit Content.

Good luck trading and crafting Trading Cards,
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